For every orders on Piercings Online we accept different payment methods:

- PayPal
- Vise or Debit Card
- Bank Transfer (La Caixa)

The payment is doing outside Piercings Online, we don’t save your credit card and paypal account data in our database, we outsource this service because PayPal and our Bank have have the strongest security in payments.

If you have some questions about payment methods, contact us directly for best support

When our online store received an order, we received an email and an alert, after that, Piercings Online make the order for send it the as soon as possible or the same day that users made it.

The delivery system is really handy, when you are making an order, you have to select the different options, if you are buying directly from European Union (EU) it usually takes from 3 to 5 work days. The delivery service has an extra cost 3.50€ around the world.

Free Shipping
If you order is over 20€, the shipping cost is free. You can do the order with different friends to make it cheaper. Take a look our Facebook and Instagram because often we are promoting free shipping day.


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