Our main goal is the happiness of our customers, for that, we want to guarantee that it. If you are not happy with our piercings, plugs or others, we will find a solution for it.

When we are making the orders, we are taking a look the product, the sizes, color etc… Anyway, is it possible that sometimes the piercings or others has a defection or damage, or just we are did a mistake and we swapped the colors or sizes.

If it happens, you have 15 days to refund the product to us and we’ll send you again the product or refund the money.

NOTE: DON’T send the products directly to us. You have to contact us by email info@piercings-online.com before send the products.

Reasons that you can make the refund:

- Your product is not the same that you bought
- We sent a product in different color or size
- You bought a product that you don’t like

Make sure that you choose the product with color and size that you want.

Change product or refund the money?

If we sent a product that you didn’t bought or it has some damage or similar, you can choose two options:

- Send again the same product
- Refund the money, we will refund the money with the same way that you did.

We CAN’T do a refund if you did a mistake in your order.

How to do a refund?

First of all you have to contact us by email: info@piercings-online.com answering the following questions:

- Your Name
- Your Order ID
- Why you want to refund the order?
- The products that you want to refund
- Choose to send again the product or refund the money

If you still having questions about warranties or return send an email to: info@piercings-online.com 


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